Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Back to Bhutan

Our trip to Bhutan in 2008 unfolded in ways that I could never have imagined. In short, we’ve been on a journey to discover what wellbeing looks like internationally and here in the United States.

After sharing our initial 30-minute film at several film festivals globally, we were invited to interview world leaders at the United Nations in 2012, to join a panel at the Danish/Bhutanese film festival in 2014, and to interview thought leaders at the World Happiness Summit in Miami in 2017.

Our trip to Denmark in 2014 allowed facilitated an ongoing collaboration with Danish filmmaker, Hans Wessing, and Bhutanese filmmaker, Phuntsok Rabten. Together, we are embarking on a follow-up trip to Bhutan this summer of 2017.

Returning to Bhutan after eight years, we’re looking forward to exploring how the gross national happiness (GNH) dimensions are realized in Bhutan’s commitment to the environment, to education, to health and to good governance. During our journey, we will also explore well-being in Thailand and Iceland as a comparison to Bhutan’s view.

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